Afterburn 2018 Announcement

AfterBurn 2018 – What’s Your Vision?

[counter date=2018/11/10-21:00:00]In [remaining-dtimer] the original “Shelter from the Tempest” will be set ablaze in front of the community[after]If things went according to plan, the event described below happened [elapsed-dtimer] ago. The original “Shelter from the Tempest” will be set ablaze in front of our community November 2018[/counter].

The burning of this stylized temple offers a moment of reflection on the happenings of the previous year as we collectively let go those things which no longer suit us.

The night before, we hope that the community will gather for a shared meal before embarking on a night of radical self-expression including large-scale effigies, incredible amounts of participatory art, and an expression of gifting that brings newcomers into this event and shares what makes it important to us.

In the months and days prior, the event’s leaders will have already co-created a canvas for the participants, and join them as the gates open.

But in order for this to happen, the event needs leaders. AfterBurn 2018, with a tentative date of November 8-11, 2018 (entry Thursday, event ends Sunday, everyone leaves Monday AM), will only happen if the following roles are filled from within the community. This is your opportunity to step forward, begin planning, building, and creating.

As the organization is moving forward with seeking sanctioning for our event this year, with the hopes of receiving it by 2019, the main focus is on the event’s safety. While liability for these types of events is always a concern, we’d like to reach out to as many people as possible to help form a Fire Safety Team. If you have professional fire certifications, please contact us at for information on how to get involved.

If available, direct contacts are listed if you have specific questions before submitting an application. There will be further opportunities for general volunteers in the months prior to the event. Leaders are expected to commit to at least five hours a month, and three onsite meetups in Bartow.

Specifically, AfterBurn leadership is needed in the following areas:

If you’d like to be considered for multiple opportunities and want to discuss what might best suit your interests, feel free to reach out to We’ll be scheduling “office hours” in July and August if you’d like to meetup in Orlando, Tampa, or Lakeland.

To begin the event leadership survey, click here.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about other opportunities to contribute, we’d love your input.

Attend A Builder, Artist and Maker Meetup

Our community have started hosting private gatherings to start connecting with each other. Find out more in the post “What’s a Builder, Artist and Maker Meetup?

Name the City. Submit a Theme.

Participate in the survey of what the place should be called, and submit your ideas on a theme to unite participation.