Afterburn 2018 Pre-Announcement: Communications

Before we can release the roadmap to Afterburn 2018, the Board of Directors would like to clearly define how you can get the latest, most accurate information related to our events.

The Burnt Oranges website will always be the home of official information related to Burnt Oranges events. We recommend subscribing to our email newsletter so you know you’ll receive the most up to date information.

If you’re not the email subscribing type, we will be sharing our news to the Burnt Oranges Inc Facebook Page.

One change is that we will be returning The Florida Burns ** )'( ** PreHeat & Afterburn Facebook Group back to the community. To reduce confusion, limit our liability, and act to protect the privacy of members of this community by dissociating our event from you, we will be removing the event names from the group name, changing it to The Florida Burns ** )'( **. Conversations in this group will no longer be monitored by the Burnt Oranges Inc Board of Directors. We hope that the community will turn this into a place where theme camp, art project, local community event, and all nature of other Florida Burn-related information can be shared and discussed.

Handing back the reigns to the Facebook Group does not mean we don’t want feedback! Your feedback is what allows us to have the kinds of events and community you want and we want to make sure that feedback gets to the right people.

If you’d like to reach us, the absolute best way is to email us. Following that, our contact form is a great option. We’ll do our best to respond to your written inquiries within a few business days. Notes sent on Facebook within a few weeks.

We’ve also made the decision to move all Afterburn (and future event) related information to the website. Our belief is this consolidated website will make it much easier for everyone to stay informed regarding all of the activities we are pursuing.

To recap:

  • is the home of all Burnt Oranges Inc information, including Afterburn and other events.
  • Subscribing to our email list will make sure you’re up-to-date about everything we do.
  • All news will also be shared to our Facebook Page.
  • The Florida Burns ** )'( ** PreHeat & Afterburn Facebook Group is being returned to the community, will have our event names removed, and will no longer be an official channel for communicating with Burnt Oranges Inc.
  • The Burnt Oranges board can be reached via our Facebook Page (good), contact form (better), or email (best).