Afterburn 2019 Community Event Committee FAQ

As promised in our announcement post, this page will provide answers to your questions.

Updated June 21, 2019

Can Burnt Oranges board members be nominated to the event committee?

As board members will already be serving the event committee and art grant committee in a variety of ways and will be required to serve as Board of Director on Call (BoDoC) during the event, board members who are nominated will have their nominations removed from voting.

Why can someone nominate someone else?

“The hero can go forth of his own volition to accomplish the adventure … or he may be carried or sent abroad by some benign or malignant agent … The adventure may begin as a mere blunder… or still again, one may be only casually strolling when some passing phenomenon catches the wandering eye and lures one away from the frequented paths of man.”

Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Some times we all need a little encouragement. If a community member thinks you have the ability to help 10 other people run this event, we encourage you to take it as a compliment.

But shouldn’t I be able to know who nominated me?

We encourage the elected event committee to work with the Burnt Oranges board to refine the event committee – including nomination procedures – for future events.

What if I’m nominated, but can’t serve?

If you’ve been nominated (check here) and know you can’t serve, please let us know at We encourage you to do so as soon as possible, if you’re elected to the committee then have to step down, you may disappoint those who voted for you.

Why am I just now hearing about this change?

It likely means you missed most or all of our communications last year where we outlined where to get official Burnt Oranges communications: this website, via our email newsletter, and via our official Facebook Page. If you’d like to stay informed of Burnt Oranges activities, we recommend subscribing to our email newsletter.

Can’t we have more time?

Unfortunately not. Community members are already working on their projects for TTITD and we need to give them, and everyone else, enough time to plan. Remember: fewer people have done more in less time with less support the last two years, you can do this.

When and where can I register my theme camp?

Excellent question and we’re excited to hear you’re excited about bringing your theme camp! The Burnt Oranges board will be working with the upcoming event committee to determine how they would like to collect this information and we anticipate they will announce additional information as soon as possible.

When is the event?

Historically, Afterburn has been Veteran’s Day weekend, which would be the weekend of November 9 and 10. If the new event committee wants to stick to this date, cool! If they’re concerned about the multiple conflicting events that weekend and want to change the dates, neat! If they want to move it to the second Tuesday of next week or spring or a day ending in Y, rad! The point is, we don’t really know when the event will be because it’s up to the event committee.

What if I want to join the committee but don’t want to lead it?

Please nominate yourself! First check to see if you’ve already been nominated. Once the committee is formed, you will vote on two chairpeople to lead the committee.

I have some questions about Burnt Oranges that have nothing to do with this committee or Afterburn…

Yay! We love chatting with community members! Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to discuss what’s on your mind.