Blurb of Bob Vol. 1 No. 2 – 2017

October 24, 2017
Volume 1, Number 2

Hey, guys!

You’re probably hip-deep in your AfterBurn projects right now, making jello shots and painting some kind of esoteric puzzle with one hand while you wire up sophisticated electronics for your sound camp with the other. Anyway, thanks for taking time to read my super-exciting second Blurb!

How ’bout that?



  1. RV registration and parking policies now available on the Vehicles page
  2. Got an extra ticket? Need a ticket?
  3. Fluffernutter’s Indaba Update
  4. Volunteering gets sexier all the time: Join the new Media team
  5. Do you have med creds?
  6. WWWW submissions close when it’s full, so don’t wait!

RV registration and parking policies now available on the Vehicles page

What are you driving to AfterBurn: Restoration? Unless you are walking or riding a bike to Bartow, you’ll want to check out the recently updated Vehicles page. In addition to Parking Policies, there’s a form where you can register your RV. Remember, if you are planning to sleep in an RV, bus, camper, trailer, or truck, you’ll need to register it. Space for such vehicles is limited, so hop on over and register your vehicle now!

Got an extra ticket? Need a ticket?

There’s a Florida Burns Ticket Exchange on Facebook where you can post available tickets or request tickets. If you’re not on Facebook, then please send your Brown Paper Ticket confirmation email to and we’ll cancel it to free more tickets for those who can come.

Fluffernutter’s Indaba Update

What are your passions?  What are your dreams and desires?

The Indaba is your place to utilize your talents, thoughts, and discussions. A place where you can share all of these wonderful things with the community. Get engaged and participate!

Lotus portal design for the Indaba
Lotus portal design for the Indaba

Fluffernutter & Buttercup have been working to design the entrances for this sacred space, with a lotus-inspired light-up portal to greet you as you enter.

The Indaba will also host our Community Grant Salon on Friday evening, where you can vote on funding for community projects around Florida. Submit your ideas for grants now, and come vote for your favorites.

We are in need of more TED-esque talks, speakers, & small performances. Perhaps you’d like to share poetry, an artistic concept, or an Acro Yoga workshop? Sign up before November 3, so we can get the word out about your event.

Volunteering gets sexier all the time — join the new Media team!

We’re assembling a media team to help document our events. Community members bringing professional grade equipment (typically considered interchangeable lens systems) can volunteer just by sharing pictures after the event.

Not only are we looking for photographers, we’re also looking to assemble a video crew. This may be one rockstar who can handle it all or a team of people (videographer, audio, lighting, on screen talent, editor, etc).

Read more on the media page. Scroll to the bottom and submit the form to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Do you have med creds?

From Daisy, our Burnt Oranges Medic Volunteer Coordinator & Medicnatrix Extraordinaire:

To volunteer with the Medic Team, you have to have current clinical credentials. There’s a list of accepted disciplines on the Medic team page. The medic shifts are purposely locked and only myself or my co-coordinator can enter shifts, this is to make sure no unqualified participants add themselves without verifying credentials.

Please send shift requests and copies of your credentials (if this is your first BOI event) directly to me at

Also, no shift requests will be accepted if sent via FB Messenger, text to my personal phone, email to my personal email or via any thread in any social media.

WWWW submissions close when it’s full, so don’t wait!

Calling all participants! We know you are planning all manner of scheduled activities for AfterBurn: Restoration. Be sure and submit them to the WWWW to get maximum attendance! Submissions close when the WWWW is full, or on November 4 at 6 pm, whichever comes first.

Hey guys! Thanks for reading the Blurb of Bob! The thing burns in 18 days! How ’bout that?

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