Art is what makes our world go around, and it’s Participants like you and me who bring the art. This could be your chance to artistically express yourself and create something for everyone to enjoy.

Do you dream of creating something that inspires others and also gives you the opportunity to contribute to the event? Do you have a vision you want to turn into a reality? Let us help you make it happen. No idea is too big or too small.

Read about our Art Grants to see about how we can help fund your art, then fill out an Art Grant Application to get the process started.

We’ve had Participants build huge wooden dragons to climb on.

We’ve had a 100 foot robot that shoots fire out of his head and hands.

We’ve had many giant kaleidoscopes with multicolored LEDs and light filters.

We had a narwhal mutant vehicle that played music and left a trail of bubbles.

We encourage every Participant to bring art, especially if it’s interactive! This is what makes our events special.

Burnable Art Gallery

Some of the burnable art that gets our juices flowing. Click the image to see how big these projects are.

Art Gallery

Slideshow of some non-burnable art that we’ve experienced. We look forward to seeing you’re next idea.