Fire Policy

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If you are bringing burnable art or flame effects you must read this Fire Policy, and the Creating Flammable Art Safely guide, then you must Register Your Fire Art Project.

Fire Arts

All fire performers and fire safety volunteers must have attended a Fire Safety Training earlier during the event (usually held once on Friday and Saturday), and be wearing the wristband to show that they've completed this requirement. Check with the Fire Team, Rangers, Info Booth, or the WWWW Guide for when the Fire Safety Training is scheduled. During any fire performance, at least one trained fire safety volunteer must be watching closely while holding a fire safety towel. To locate a fire safety volunteer, ask a Fire Team member or find a Ranger. Please be sober, and know your limits.

-RESPECT: Be aware of your surroundings any time you are performing with fire. Respect boundaries set by camps and campers.

-FUEL ETIQUETTE: Utilize designated fuel dumps. NEVER smoke near fuel dumps/fuel storage areas.

-LNT: NO ground burn offs. Endeavor to spin off (poi spinners are encouraged to use a spinoff can) or squeeze off extra fuel in a bucket. If you must spinoff, go to a sufficiently isolated area downwind of people nearby.

-PERFORMANCE ETIQUETTE: Be considerate of your fellow spinners and audience, use spatial awareness. Wait until there is space in a performance area. Do not crowd a fire circle. Only use moves/tricks that you have practiced extensively with unlit equipment.

-SOBRIETY: Fire can cause serious injury, disfigurement, and property damage. Perform sober and act responsibly.

-EQUIPMENT: Double check your tools. Watch for loose screws, frayed wick, or deteriorating grips.

-SPOTTERS: If you are spinning fire YOU MUST HAVE A FIRE SAFETY/SPOTTER watching with a clean, wet cotton towel or wool, Nomex, Duvetyne, or Commando Cloth blanket in hand.

-PERIMETER: If a Ranger or CATS team member requests that the audience viewing a fire performance be moved back, please comply.

-FIRE SUPPRESSION: as a fire performer, you should know the procedure for safely extinguishing fire on a lit prop and human body. CATS team can educate you on this.

Fuel fires can burn themselves out or be handled with a fire extinguisher. NEVER attempt to use water to put out a fuel fire. BC rated extinguishers can be used for extinguishing fuel fires. DO NOT use dry chemical fire extinguishers on performers!

ACCEPTABLE FUELS:White Gas/Coleman Fuel, Kerosene/Lamp oil, Denatured Alcohol

CLOTHING: We strongly encourage you to wear fire resistant materials (ex: Nomex) or natural fibers such as wool, leather, or cotton. We strongly discourage wearing synthetic clothing during fire performance as they pose a higher health risk. Clothing should be snug fitting without dangling accessories.

Cooking & Small Fires

You must have a publicly visible and accessible Fire Extinguisher. Keep your embers to a minimum; we camp very close and fire spreads very quickly.

Fires are only allowed in designated areas or within a burn container. Florida isn't a desert; there's plenty of highly combustible trees, grass, and other organics around. No open ground fires are allowed at or around personal camping areas. All personal fires must be contained in some type of burn barrel to protect the ground from scarring and fires from spreading. Tiki Torches are not allowed.

Bring your own wood. The pile you see that the volunteers worked very hard to supply is for the effigies and public bonfires for the community. Fuel must be stored properly in a fuel dump or approved container.

Don’t burn toxic stuff or your trash. Pressure treated woods, plastics, rubber, consumer paper, cardboard, motorcycles, etc all give off toxic fumes or smell bad. Respect your neighbors.

Fireworks are prohibited.

Be Smart: Watch the wind. Check for hanging moss. Use a cover on fire pits to help stop embers.

If you’ve got something you want to burn, please contact the Fire Team first. Not following the rules may result in expulsion from this and future events.

Large Fires

All open ground fires must be in a designated area and preapproved by the Fire Team. All the large burnable art pieces have gone through an extensive application and review process, then are only lit by our professionals once many safety procedures have been performed. If you'd like to build a large art project to burn, please complete the Burnable Art Registration Form, and make contact with the Fire Team. If you have something large to burn, maybe it can piggy back or proceed after one of the big burns. Be sure to contact the Fire Team first.