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Our policies pertaining to Art Cars, campers, trailers, RVs, buses, cars, and all other motorized vehicles.

Art Cars

  • Only a limited number of pre-registered Art Cars will be approved to operate inside the event area.
  • All Art Cars must be decorated or some type of art project. Undecorated golf carts will not be approved.
  • Register your Art Car before 10/30/2017. Art Car Registration Form will be available soon.

General Parking Policy

  • Consistent with our Decommodification Principle, no vehicle (or anything) should display any advertising, business logos, decals, etc. If your vehicle has these, they should be completely covered up.
  • All trailers, campers, RVs, and motorized vehicles will be anchored for the duration of the event. Only approved Art Cars will be allowed to operate during the event.
  • Only registered vehicles used for camping will be allowed to park inside the event area. We encourage you to decorate or disguise your vehicle so we aren't reminded of the Default World, and to keep our event from looking like a parking lot.
  • Upon arrival, you will be permitted one hour to carefully drive your vehicle to your camp spot, unload your gear, then move it to its assigned parking area for the remainder of the event. Once it's parked, your may not move it until you're ready to leave.
  • When you're ready to leave, if the Gate is open, you will again be allowed one hour to carefully drive into the event area to your camp spot, load your gear, then exit the event area. If the Gate is not open, you will not be allowed to leave the event. If it's an emergency, communicate with the Event Coordinator to see if an exception can be made.
  • Reentry onto the property is not allowed so be sure to have everything you need for the duration of the event.

Vehicles for Camping

RVs, buses, campers, trailers, trucks, etc. which you'll be sleeping in may be allowed to park inside the event area.

Space for camping vehicles in the main event area is limited so try to register as soon as possible. Camping vehicles that do not register in time, or are not approved, will be parked in a designated area outside of the event area. Large camping vehicles are not allowed in tent camping areas.