Media Team

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Part artist, part historian, you have an eye for imagery that captures a story.

To help us present our artist community to the outside world, the media team will be immediately responsible for documenting the upcoming Afterburn event.

If you have experience with any of the following and would like to volunteer your craft to the community, please let us know!


People, landscapes, art, bizarre lighting - you embrace the challenge presented to a burn photographer.

Along with our community of photographers, we need a core crew to cover specific shoots such as art grant recipients, their art projects, activities under the Indaba including the community grant salon, burns, and the event in general.

You’ll need to have an eye for capturing the feeling of a scene. We don’t want boring pictures, but also nothing so wild as to be considered abstract.

You’ll need to fully embrace requesting consent before capturing any images of event participants. Not everyone can show up topless wearing a tutu in pictures online.

You’ll need to be a little bit organized as some of your shoots may be on a schedule. Our goal is to have enough coverage so that scheduling requirements aren’t painful and you can focus on roaming with your camera.

Movie Making

Are you a one-person pro who can handle audio, video, lighting, interviewing, and editing? Or maybe you’re a Premier or FCP expert while a campmate knows audio.

We want all of it.

Except not all of it. You’ll interview our art grant recipients about their art projects and capture stock-quality audio and video showing off the interactivity of each art project. Beyond that, we’d love a highlight reel from the event with an emphasis on social-friendly (3-5 minute) well-produced clips highlighting moments under the Indaba, burns, and burners.

Like our photographers, you will need to have a passion for consent from your subjects!

If you have skills within any part of the movie production process and would like to put those skills to work on our media team, let us know.

Volunteer Credit Hours

  • We’d like to recognize all of the professional photographers in our community by inviting you to register your professional-grade equipment (typically considered interchangeable lens cameras) and allow your images to be shared amongst the community in exchange for volunteer credit.
  • Members of our photo and video teams will receive volunteer credit upon completion of all assignments.