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Medic volunteers and staff are on hand to assist and triage any medical problems or injuries 24 hours a day, whether minor or serious.

Need a medic? Go to Ranger/Medic HQ or find any volunteer with a radio and they can call for one.

Questions or want to sign up for this volunteer team? E-mail the medic coordinator team at [email protected].

All volunteers must have current clinical credentialing. Accepted disciplines include currently licensed EMS/Firefighter/Rescue personnel, clinical healthcare professionals (nurses, doctors, allied professions), military trained medics and combat lifesavers, National Ski Patrol, lifeguards, and others trained to a BLS standard or higher. If in doubt, send an e-mail or ask for us at Ranger/Medic HQ during the burn (bring a copy of your most recent licenses if you want to be able to sign up at that event!).