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Rangers are volunteer participants that gift their time to help keep the peace in the community. We spend most of our time actively “doing nothing” but are available to help mediate issues and respond to emergent situations. We always have radios and are very visible, so if you need help and don’t know where to get it, find a ranger!

Questions? Email the ranger coordinator team at [email protected]

If you are interested in becoming a new member of the ranger team at Afterburn 2017, follow these steps:

1) Sign up for Ranger training at either Friday 4pm-5:30pm or Saturday 10:30am-Noon. You can sign up by clicking this link.

2) Between now and the burn, read over this Ranger Manual.

3) Show up at the training time you signed up for. At the end of the training session, a member of our Khaki (shift lead) team will be available to sign you up for your Alpha shift.

4) Successfully complete your first-time Alpha shift without being “bonked” and you will then be eligible to sign up for Dirt (Experienced) Ranger shifts at this and future events.

Experienced Dirt Rangers, Khaki Shift Leads and Khaki-in-Training? Here is the info you are likely looking for:

  • Khaki manual is here.
  • Mentor checklist is here.
  • Burn Down Protocol is here.