Welcome Home Crew

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The Gate Keepers are the first people you'll see when you arrive at the event. Their job is to only let ticketed Participants through, check your vehicle for stowaways and confirm you have enough supplies for the event. They want to get you checked and through the Gate as quickly as possible so the Gate stays clear, and you can leave the Default World behind. Make sure you know the Entry Requirements, and save your hugs for the Greeters.

Before setting out on your journey to us, make sure you know the Entry Requirements. When you arrive, the Gate Keepers will direct you were to park to get checked in at the Greeter's Station. The Greeters will scan your ticket, check your ID, confirm your Event Waiver is complete, and issue you a wristband for the event. Now it's time to visit the Acculturation Table to help make the transition from the Default World. They'll make sure you know a few main rules, answer your questions, and probably bombard you with hugs, jokes, out going personalities, and Welcome Home shenanigans. If you haven't volunteered before, consider signing up for a Greeter shift.

When you're ready, return to you vehicle and let the Parking Crew direct you to a parking spot, or into the event to unload your vehicle. You'll have one hour to return your vehicle to it's final parking spot to be anchored for the remainder of the event. Know the Vehicle Parking Policy before you arrive, especially if you have an RV or similar. Toward the end of the event when you're ready to leave, you'll again have one hour to load your vehicle inside the Event Area. Once you leave, re-entry is not permitted.

Team Members:

  • Welcome Coordinator: Jolly

If you'd like to become a team member or contact us, send us a message.

Event Volunteer Shifts:

  • Gate/Greeter: These shiny happy people make sure you're legit and help you feel right at home.
  • Parking Crew: They help your vehicle find a home while you're at home.

Event Volunteering

After you've purchased your ticket to the event, you can sign up for volunteer shifts.

General Volunteering Policy:

  • Be sober, rested, fed, hydrated, and properly attired.
  • Show up to your shift on time so the volunteer from the previous shift can be relieved.
  • Try to get an assessment from the previous volunteer or a team member about the current condition, any issues you should be aware of, to confirm you understand what is needed from you during the shift, and to ask any initial questions.
  • Make friends with other volunteers on your shift and try to figure out how everybody can help each other out.
  • Try to be friendly to everyone, offer to help others whenever possible, and give appreciation or compliments when appropriate.
  • If you aren't sure about something, ask another shift volunteer or team member.
  • If there's ever a problem that needs outside help, especially if an emergency, send for a Ranger.
  • During or after your shift, try to provide feedback to a team leader about your experience, and any suggestions for improvement.
  • If you are not the last shift of the day, stay on shift until you are relieved by the next volunteer. If you're the only volunteer on shift and more than 20 minutes pass, send someone to the volunteer station to find someone to relieve you, and to ask what to do next. If you have another volunteer shift to start, someone also needs to let that other volunteer know that you're being held up and will be there as soon as possible to relieve them.
  • If you enjoyed your shift, we hope you'll tell others about it, sign up for these shifts in the future, and even consider becoming a team member or lead.
  • If you didn't enjoy your shift, please share why not with a team member so improvements can be made. There are many teams and shifts to choose from, so hopefully you can find the right match next time.
  • If you like the department and its mission, but not the way it's being run, then we'd love for you to become a team member so you can help be the agent of change for the better.
  • Thank you.


Greeters validate the Participant, make sure they're ready to join the event, and help them feel welcomed and comfortable.

Shift Duties/Proceedures:

  • Follow the General Volunteering Policy.
  • Be familiar with the Event WaiverMinors Policy, Fire Policy, Porta-Potty Pledge, and Guiding Principles to confirm all Participants know and agree to them, and to answer any related questions or concerns.
  • Because Greeters fulfill many duties, volunteers are assigned different roles within the process, then can rotate with other Greeter volunteers during their shift.
  • If someone from a law enforcement or similar agency arrives at the Gate, politely communicate the Standard Greeting, immediately radio for an Event Organizer, and have them wait for an Event Coordinator, Ranger Coordinator, or Burnt Oranges Board Member to arrive and handle the situation. Otherwise, proceed below with welcoming our arrivals home!
  • Start by helping the arriving vehicle find a spot to park while checking in.
  • Welcome them home, then ask and confirm they have enough supplies to last the duration of the event.
  • Quickly look over (or ask permission to search) their vehicle and trailer for stowaways and contraband.
  • Have all occupants get out, stretch their legs, and check in at the Greeter Station with their ID. This is also a good time to exchange smiles and hugs.
  • Volunteers at the Greeter's Station must know and enforce the Gate Entry Requirements to make sure all Participants are checked in properly.
  • Check everyone's ID to make sure its valid, and matches the person. If the person is under 18, they are considered a Minor and must be accompanied and checked in by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Scan their ticket from their phone or printout to confirm its valid and unused.
  • Have them complete and sign an Event Waiver. If they are checking in a Minor, make sure everyone knows and agrees to the Minors Policy, and have them provide the Minor's information on their Event Waiver.
  • Issue them a wristband, write down the wristband ID on their ticket/waiver, help them put it on, and make sure they know not to take it off while on Property. File all Event Waivers in the appropriate folder.
  • Have them sign the Porta-Potty Pledge, grab some Scwhag, then send them over to the Acculturation Table.
  • The next set of Greeters will congratulate them on being checked in, then make sure they know and agree to the rules of the Fire Policy, LNT, Consent, pictures, no re-entry, and the concepts of Gifting, Decommodification, Self-Reliance, Participation, and Volunteerism.
  • Before you send them on their way, make sure they don't have any more questions or concerns, let them know Indaba is where to sign up for volunteer shifts, check out the WWWW Guide, and is a great place to start their adventures.
  • Have a WWWW Guide on hand to help direct Participants to their Theme Camp or next happening.
  • Exchange some more smiles and love, then point them toward the Parking Crew.

Parking Crew

The Parking Crew makes sure all vehicles get anchored in the proper place.

Shift Duties:

  • Follow the General Volunteering Policy.
  • Know and enforce the Parking Policy.
  • Mark the arrival time of each vehicle on their windshield.
  • Let them know they have one hour to unload their vehicle at their camp, then anchor it at its parking spot.
  • Know where Open Camping is, and have a Theme Camp Map handy in case they need directions where to go.
  • Direct vehicles that need parking into the parking lot, and file them orderly in a compact yet accessible way. Make sure all vehicles (especially if with trailers) are able to exit in case they need to leave first.
  • If you see vehicles in the event area with overdue exit times that aren't already anchored, remind them they need to finish up and park their cars.

Welcome Coordinator

The Welcome Coordinator makes sure the team is running smoothly, everyone is properly trained, and the Greeter Station has what they need to ensure all arriving Participants are Welcomed Home and have a smooth transition from the Default World.

Duties Before the Event:

  • Be part of the Event Planning group.
  • Join the Event Planning communication channels.
  • Have an Assistant Coordinator or "Coordinator in Training" so duties can be shared or taken over as needed.
  • Inventory supplies & submit orders for additional supplies to the Event Coordinator at least 45 days prior to the event.
  • Arrange for supplies and infrastructure to be transported to event site.
  • Submit needed volunteer schedules to WebTeam for website inclusion.
  • Solicit volunteers for the event.
  • Monitor volunteer signups to confirm most shifts will be adequately covered.
  • Ensure the Event Waiver is up to date, and have more than enough printed to accommodate all Participants.
  • Load the ticket database onto the Greeter Station laptop after ticket sales end.

During the Event:

  • Make sure all supplies arrived at the event site.
  • Arrange for the Greeter Station to be set up, including the laptop, scanner, etc. The scanner and laptop must be able to scan the ticket bar code, confirm that it's valid and not yet used, and mark it as used so it can't be scanned again.
  • Make sure more than enough Event Waivers are available for all arriving Participants.
  • Make sure all volunteers understand their duties, are properly trained, and have all necessary supplies & equipment.
  • Make sure shifts are adequately being covered, and if not, take steps to ensure that they are.
  • Periodically monitor that the shift volunteers are doing a satisfactory job.
  • Make sure the Gate gets opened and closed on schedule.
  • Make sure the equipment and supplies at Greeter Station are available when the Gate is open, and secured when the Gate is closed.
  • Individually thank all volunteers for their help, before and after their shift.
  • Give praise, appreciation, and compliments to the entire team often and abundantly.
  • If appropriate, nicely offer ways the volunteers can do a better job, or make it easier on themselves.
  • During or after their shift, ask the volunteers for feedback about their experience, and any suggestions for improvement.
  • Occasionally ask participants if they feel your volunteers are doing a good job. Ask for any suggestions or room for improvement.
  • Document the feedback you get, and any other notes or reminders which may help you write the post-event summary to the Event Coordinator.
  • Solicit volunteers for the current or future events.

After the Event:

  • Arrange for any supplies or equipment to be packed up and transported to its designated storage.
  • Submit a summary of problems, concerns, suggestions, and successes regarding this team to the Event Coordinator.
  • Submit a report to the Event Coordinator of amounts of supplies used, and suggest the approximate amount of supplies and equipment needed per 100 attendees to help with future approximations. Also include any requests for new, replacement, or rental equipment to be available for the next event.