Art Grants

Semi-Annual Event Art Grants

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To enable and encourage the creation of interactive art to be displayed at semi-annual events sponsored by Burnt Oranges. To ensure the future of interactive art in the Florida region by funding living art projects that are suitable for display at Burnt Oranges events as well as other events.

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Semi-Annual Art Grant Application:

Mid-Term Report For Remaining Funding:

Art Grant Agreement:

What Budget Line Items Are Funded? What Items Are Not?

BOI Art Grant Line Item Submissions


Art Transport Grants

To infuse the local community with projects from out of state that create a sense of awe and wonder to those who experience them. To raise awareness of interactive art by helping artists transport pieces of large-scale art to Florida venues and events.

  • This grant making category is intended to fund existing pieces of art, rather than new construction. The goals are to give exposure to artists from outside of Florida and to inspire artists in the Florida community.
  • Pieces will be selected for commercial transport from multiple artists and locations with a goal of achieving economies of scale. The art will be exhibited at Burnt Oranges events and other Florida venues.

Art Transport Grant Application:

Art Grant Agreement:

Year-Round Grants

Community Action Grants

Learn More about the 2017 Community Action Grants

  • To create a positive impact in Florida communities by providing small amounts of money to cover hard costs of artistic and participatory projects that would not otherwise be funded. To involve the community in the decision-making process of funding these projects.
  • Community micro-grants are intended to raise community involvement and volunteer engagement in projects that include interactive art components.
  • The salon format offers individuals and groups the chance to present projects to the community, gain feedback, answer questions, and receive immediate funding at the end of each event.
  • Interactive Art Road Show (Launching Q4 2017)
    • To raise awareness of Florida artists by helping them exhibit pieces of interactive art at venues and events both inside and outside of the state, including Burning Man, other regional events, public art festivals, and internationally. The mission of this project is to be able to answer the question of “Where is this piece from?” with “The Florida Burning Man Community.”
    • This grant making category is intended to fund existing pieces of art, rather than new construction. The goal is to provide exposure for Florida artists, so funding could cover both the transportation of the art and the costs for the artist to accompany it and represent the community.
  • Arts Awareness and Education (Launching Q3 2017)
    • To educate and inspire artists in Florida to create art with a major “wow factor.”
    • This category of grants covers workshops and classes that will raise the skill level of artists in the region. It includes the following:
    • Costs to host teachers and makers who are willing to share their knowledge in Florida venues
    • Scholarships and travel costs that will allow Florida artists to attend classes and workshops outside the state

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