Blurb of Bob Vol. 1 No. 4 – 2017

blurb of bob

Volume 1, Number 4
November 1, 2017

Hey, guys!
We’ve got 23 theme camps registered, all of them bringing super-exciting activities for your edification and enjoyment. Which ones? I knew you’d ask, so if you read all the way through this Blurb, you’ll find the list at the end.

Remember, you can always email me at if you have a story to share or a question.
How ’bout that?

  • Pre- and Post-Event are where the REAL fun happens
  • HURRY! WWWW closes on November 4 at 6 pm
  • Got an idea to help your local community? Get a grant to do it!
  • Community BBQ: Bring your plate, fork, cup, and appetite
  • Last call for RVs and other vehicular sleeping accomodations
  • Got an extra ticket? Need a ticket?
  • Drumroll, please! The registered theme camp list.

Pre- and Post-Event are where the REAL fun happens

EZ and Comrade Heathen have some super-duper volunteer opportunities to offer. Can you help with any of these?

The DPW, or Department of Public Works, is responsible for infrastructure — and because we’re in a new venue, that’s a big job! They need folks for Thursday, before the Burn, and Monday, after the Burn. The hours are 10 am to 6 pm, on-call. To sign up, email

This weekend, November 4-5, there’s a work weekend at the property — the more, the merrier! Come out to work and meet your Event Coordinators and team leads. You can work for both days or just a few hours, but bring chainsaws, weed-eaters, and implements of destruction. Wear bug spray, sunscreen, and gloves. Volunteer hours rewarded!

Also this weekend, CueTip needs help with effigy construction, starting at 8 am. Construction experience and tools are helpful, but warm bodies will also do. Volunteer hours rewarded!

HURRY! WWWW closes on November 4 at 6 pm

We’re accepting submissions to the Who-What-When-Where for a few more days — get your events and activities in there! AfterBurn: Restoration is going to be packed with nonstop fun, art, and learning, so be sure your offerings get listed. Use the Google form to submit your events.

Hug counters
Hug counters

Here are just a few of the items submitted so far:

  • Introduction to taiji and qigong
  • Who can collect the most Hugs for the Needy? Get your hug counter at The Hermitage — it might be you!
  • Take the giant puzzle challenge at “Esoteric, a year’s growth” in the Indaba
  • Get your morning coffee and snacks from Camp Java
  • At the Tainted Tater: Saturday evening dance with DJ Goodwood’s beats while noshing on hot delicious fresh cut French Fries
  • Bring your thoughts & positivity to “Inspire,” an interactive art piece in the center of our city

Got an idea to help your local community? Get a grant to do it!

Community Action Grants are intended to fund grassroots projects that help our local, Florida communities. Submit your idea now for a chance to present it at the Community Grant Salon at AfterBurn: Restoration. You can read more in the blog on the Burnt Oranges website. Here’s the link to apply — use this Google Form.

Community BBQ: Bring your plate, fork, cup, and appetite

You all know the importance of bringing your own cup to events at AfterBurn. But for this one, you’ll want a plate and a fork, too! The Board of Burnt Oranges is hosting a community-wide BBQ dinner at AfterBurn: Restoration at 8 pm on Friday, in the Indaba. There will be pork, chicken, beans, mac & cheese, slaw, and buns. Bob has noted a distinct lack of PIE on the menu, so if you want to bring some, or anything else to share, do it!

Email for his favorite pie recipes.

1970's Girl Scout Tent
The tent of Bob

Last call for RVs and other vehicular sleeping accomodations

Friday, November 3 is the deadline to submit your “Camping Vehicle Application.” If you haven’t registered it by then, you’ll have to sleep in a tent, like Bob does.

Got an extra ticket? Need a ticket?

There’s a Facebook group, “Florida Burns Invitation Exchange,” where you can post ticket requests and available tickets. Use this link to request access to the closed group:

Drumroll, please! The registered theme camp list.

And now, the list you’ve been waiting for. Here are the theme camps you’ll find at AfterBurn: Restoration.

Camp Java
Camp Java

Bohemian Grove
Burners Without Borders
Camp 1997
Camp Bitchbook
Camp Java
Camp Psychonaut
Car Camp
Darwin’s Jizz
The Djembe Jack’s Spirit Grooves
The Hermitage
The Intergalactic Bank of 808
Jupiter’s Arcade
Keeping it Classy
Nanner Hammies
Parade Brigade
Rogue Flamingo
The Tainted Tater
Those Assholes

Hey, guys! The thing’s gonna burn in 9 days now! How ’bout that?

Blurb of Bob Vol. 1 No. 3 – 2017

Hey, guys!
It’s only 15 days until the thing burns — are you counting the days? One participant in Bonita Springs is counting down in an interesting and creative way; you’ll find Jenny’s story below. We’ve also got a work weekend coming up, and the Effigy Crew needs some experienced carpenters. Plus volunteer opportunities, a reminder about RV registration, and other important stuff.

Plus, for this issue, I’m adding a super-exciting i-FAQ with the “infrequently asked questions” from my inbox.
How ’bout that?

In this issue:

  • Counting the days: Jenny’s AfterBurn Countdown
  • Got tools? Want volunteer credit? The effigy build crew can use you!
  • All hands on deck! Work weekend on the property, November 4 and 5
  • You spoke, we listened: Sanctuary is back, and needs volunteers!
  • Fluffernutter’s Indaba Update
  • Do you need vehicular sleeping accommodations?
  • i-FAQ: Infrequently-Asked Questions

Counting the days: Jenny’s AfterBurn countdown

In the beginning of October, an AfterBurner at work on a slow day made a bright paper chain with 30 links. “Each loop has a word that makes me happy on it, including the word, ‘Happy,'” says Jenny. The links represent the number of days remaining until AfterBurn, and each day before work, she tears one off and saves it.

Jenny says, “I plan on putting the broken links in the fire. Probably before it’s lit, I’ll tuck them somewhere. It would be awesome to have each link signed by a family member I meet there…that way our family is bound by earth (paper), fire (????), air (air is life), and water (marker), and will last as long as we do!

Got tools? Want volunteer credit? The effigy build crew can use you!

CueTip’s looking for help building the effigy on November 4 and 5. If you’ve got tools and carpentry skills, and especially if you can get started at the crack of 8 am, you might be the person he’s looking for. Contact him at or 813-335-5710.

All hands on deck! Work weekend on the property, November 4 and 5

Saturday and Sunday, November 4 and 5, we need lots of help cutting, chopping, and clearing brush.  Chainsaws, hand saws, weed eaters and other implements of destruction are helpful.

Work weekend gets you access to volunteer ticket sales for the next burn. You can camp overnight, but you’ll need to bring all your water and food, and definitely Leave No Trace.

This is not a theme camp set up opportunity, and you won’t be allowed to leave anything on site. Bring bug spray, sun screen, hat, long pants, boots, long sleeves, and work gloves.

This is real actual labor, but will be FUN as well. Come over to Bartow and meet your leads and Event Coordinators!

You spoke, we listened: Sanctuary is back, and needs volunteers!

You wanted Sanctuary… It’s been added… You wanted to be more mobile…So we are creating a mobile Sanctuary, with roving volunteers, who will intervene before things get to an escalated state. This allows the person in need to be assisted in the comfort of their own camp. We will have all the therapeutic gadgets, stuffies, and blankets you’re used to, in a portable tote on a cart.

But we need volunteers! Please sign up for a Sanctuary shift today.

Fluffernutter’s Indaba Update

Come to the Indaba on Friday night at 8PM for a shared community meal! Bring your cup, plate, and utensils, because The Magic Kitchen will be serving BBQ for all participants. Let’s eat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company while we discuss the future of our organization.

We still have plenty of slots available for participants to feature their art under the Indaba! Please sign up by November 3.

Fluffernutter would like to coordinate a “LIVE” painting experience. Are you a great painter? We would love to have a few artists paint a live painting for everyone to enjoy. The lovely Huggable Meps will be painting Saturday afternoon, starting at 4 pm. Please email if you are interested in sharing your talent for this.

Please submit all inquiries regarding the live painting, art submissions, and performances by 11/3/17. Thank you!

Do you need vehicular sleeping accommodations?

Just a reminder, if you are camping in a trailer, RV, tiny house on wheels, converted schoolbus, fancy-shmancy SUV, or even just sleeping in your car, we need you to submit the RV registration form. Right now, we’re collecting everyone’s information, so we can help you get the best placement for your vehicular sleeping accommodations. We’ll get back to you with a confirmation before the event.

i-FAQ: Infrequently-Asked Questions

Have pet policies loosened at all since we’re not burning at Maddox?
Sorry, no. On the “Gate Entry” page, it says “No pets or animals of any kind are allowed within the event.”
How do I change the name on my ticket?
To change the name on the ticket, call at 1-800-838-3006 and select option #1 or #2.
Will I get a confirmation of my RV registration?
Yes, we’ll be sending out a confirmation before the event.

Go make a paper chain and start tearing off those links! I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful, creative faces!

How ’bout that?

Blurb of Bob Vol. 1 No. 2 – 2017

October 24, 2017
Volume 1, Number 2

Hey, guys!

You’re probably hip-deep in your AfterBurn projects right now, making jello shots and painting some kind of esoteric puzzle with one hand while you wire up sophisticated electronics for your sound camp with the other. Anyway, thanks for taking time to read my super-exciting second Blurb!

How ’bout that?



  1. RV registration and parking policies now available on the Vehicles page
  2. Got an extra ticket? Need a ticket?
  3. Fluffernutter’s Indaba Update
  4. Volunteering gets sexier all the time: Join the new Media team
  5. Do you have med creds?
  6. WWWW submissions close when it’s full, so don’t wait!

RV registration and parking policies now available on the Vehicles page

What are you driving to AfterBurn: Restoration? Unless you are walking or riding a bike to Bartow, you’ll want to check out the recently updated Vehicles page. In addition to Parking Policies, there’s a form where you can register your RV. Remember, if you are planning to sleep in an RV, bus, camper, trailer, or truck, you’ll need to register it. Space for such vehicles is limited, so hop on over and register your vehicle now!

Got an extra ticket? Need a ticket?

There’s a Florida Burns Ticket Exchange on Facebook where you can post available tickets or request tickets. If you’re not on Facebook, then please send your Brown Paper Ticket confirmation email to and we’ll cancel it to free more tickets for those who can come.

Fluffernutter’s Indaba Update

What are your passions?  What are your dreams and desires?

The Indaba is your place to utilize your talents, thoughts, and discussions. A place where you can share all of these wonderful things with the community. Get engaged and participate!

Lotus portal design for the Indaba
Lotus portal design for the Indaba

Fluffernutter & Buttercup have been working to design the entrances for this sacred space, with a lotus-inspired light-up portal to greet you as you enter.

The Indaba will also host our Community Grant Salon on Friday evening, where you can vote on funding for community projects around Florida. Submit your ideas for grants now, and come vote for your favorites.

We are in need of more TED-esque talks, speakers, & small performances. Perhaps you’d like to share poetry, an artistic concept, or an Acro Yoga workshop? Sign up before November 3, so we can get the word out about your event.

Volunteering gets sexier all the time — join the new Media team!

We’re assembling a media team to help document our events. Community members bringing professional grade equipment (typically considered interchangeable lens systems) can volunteer just by sharing pictures after the event.

Not only are we looking for photographers, we’re also looking to assemble a video crew. This may be one rockstar who can handle it all or a team of people (videographer, audio, lighting, on screen talent, editor, etc).

Read more on the media page. Scroll to the bottom and submit the form to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Do you have med creds?

From Daisy, our Burnt Oranges Medic Volunteer Coordinator & Medicnatrix Extraordinaire:

To volunteer with the Medic Team, you have to have current clinical credentials. There’s a list of accepted disciplines on the Medic team page. The medic shifts are purposely locked and only myself or my co-coordinator can enter shifts, this is to make sure no unqualified participants add themselves without verifying credentials.

Please send shift requests and copies of your credentials (if this is your first BOI event) directly to me at

Also, no shift requests will be accepted if sent via FB Messenger, text to my personal phone, email to my personal email or via any thread in any social media.

WWWW submissions close when it’s full, so don’t wait!

Calling all participants! We know you are planning all manner of scheduled activities for AfterBurn: Restoration. Be sure and submit them to the WWWW to get maximum attendance! Submissions close when the WWWW is full, or on November 4 at 6 pm, whichever comes first.

Hey guys! Thanks for reading the Blurb of Bob! The thing burns in 18 days! How ’bout that?

Blurb of Bob: Vol. 1 No. 1 – 2017

Blurb of Bob

October 20, 2017
Volume 1, Number 1


  1. Hey, guys! … a Message from Bob
  2. Submit your AfterBurn activities to the WWWW
  3. Burnt Oranges announces Community Action Grants
  4. Would you like to be a Ranger? Sign up for training at AfterBurn
  5. Sign up to perform or place art under The Indaba
  6. Volunteering is sexy…current state of sign-ups

Hey, guys!

This is Bob, your new AfterBurn spokesperson! Every few days, I’ll be gathering up the hottest AfterBurn news for you, putting it all together with a flourish, and publishing it via email and the website.

I’ll be sharing super-exciting news and updates from the Event Coordinators and Team Leads, as well as keeping you up to date on artists and theme camps who are bringing their “A” game to AfterBurn: Restoration.

Write down my email address, because if you have news or stories to share, I want to hear them! You can reach me at Did you get that? Write me!

How ’bout that?


P.S. What, you want to know about lil’ ol’ me? OK, here’s my thang: I love, Love, LOVE to pARTicipate.  I’ve been to AfterBurn and PreHeat a bunch of times, and I’ve gotten dusty at TTITD. I’ve built art, painted murals,  given public talks, served in a bar, and run a theme camp. I’ve volunteered for greeters, GLOO, Sanctuary, pool monitor at Maddox, and CATS. I’m just your average-Bob Burner, smaller than an elephant, bigger than an ant. I’ll ask for permission before I hug you, but if you say yes, I’ll hug the stuffing outa ya.

What are you doing at AfterBurn? Get your activities in the WWWW!

Huggable Meps says:

Are you hosting a scheduled activity or event at AfterBurn: Restoration? If so, submit it to the WWWW, that valuable compendium of who, what, when, and where! Submissions close at 6 pm on Saturday, November 4. Don’t wait — send us your event right now!

If you are not sure what you want to do, there’s a great place to go for ideas. We don’t have an archive from past AfterBurns, but the website does have an archive of past events. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose one of the “Previous Years” for hours of hilarious browsing.

Personally, I’ve always want to throw an event called “One Naked Cartwheel.” Who wants to join me?

Questions about the WWWW? Email Huggable Meps:

Burnt Oranges announces participant-led component to ongoing grant programs

From the Directors of Burnt Oranges:

Lakeland, Florida:  Microgrants will help fund community projects that engage residents, produce direct action, create collaborations between different groups, utilize several of the 10 Burning Man Principles, and creatively tackle problems.”

These grants were created as a means by which our already active community can self-fund and magnify their efforts and create real action. 

To read the entire write-up, go to the new Community Action Grant web page.

To date, $480.00 has been raised in donations to be made available for grant programs. Given the newness of the program, we’re encouraging participants to make additional donations that Burnt Oranges will match to provide additional funding for this round. If you’d like to help fund these community-led initiatives, just visit and donate to the “Community Action Grant”. 100% of funds will be used for this project.

If you’d like to submit an idea for the community grant program, simply email and we’ll get you immediate feedback on whether the project qualifies for inclusion, and if not how you might be able to adjust it to qualify.

If you have feedback on how this program could be improved in the future, or would like to help lead, emcee, or facilitate the salon, email

Would you like to be a Ranger? Sign up for training at AfterBurn

From Kive:

Would you like to contribute towards helping others and mediating when issues arise? Sign up for Ranger training at AfterBurn.

Ranger Training will be held on Friday at 4 pm and Saturday at 10:30 am at Ranger HQ; the sessions last 60 to 90 minutes. Folks who would like will be signed up for “Alpha” (training) shifts from there.

To sign up for the training, go to SignUpGenius. Once you sign up, we’ll e-mail you the FB group and training manual.

Sign up to perform or place art under The Indaba

From Fluffernutter:

Do you want to share spoken word poetry, lead a yoga workshop, a musical performance, or speak about something you’re passionate about and want others to get involved?

Or perhaps you’ve made art in the past, and you have a sketch, prototype or model that you’d like to share so others can learn from you.

I’m currently working on the Indaba schedule, so I need your inquiries no later than 11/3/17.

Sign up here! Click the button that says: “Yeah I’ve got art to share!” and fill in the form accordingly.

Volunteering is sexy…current state of sign-ups

Woo hoo! All the Guardians of the Earth and Loo shifts have been filled. We’re going to have the nicest potties ever! We’ve also filled all the Welcome Home Greeters’ shifts. We still have openings for CATS (fire safeties and perimeter), parking, rangers (see Kive’s post above about Ranger Training), and info booth. If you haven’t signed up for your volunteer shifts, what are you waiting for? Go to SignUpGenius today — it’s easy, and volunteering is as sexy as h-e-double hockey sticks!

Hey guys! Thanks for reading the Blurb of Bob! The thing burns in 21 days! How ’bout that?

IRMAGERD Ticket Sale

In just over 24 hours from now, the final “IRMAGERD” sale will happen at 8PM EST. This is an automatic clock release so showing up early isn’t encouraged.

While tickets are still $0.00, we encourage participants to contribute in several different ways if they’re in a position to do so.

  1. By offsetting their impact on the cost of putting on the event, suggested at $20.00 per person.
  2. By donating to the group fund for external nonprofits that Burnt Oranges, Inc. will be matching.
  3. By donating to the ongoing Florida Keys rebuilding efforts of Burners Without Borders Florida, or bringing tools to donate at the event.
  4. By donating to the Burnt Oranges Matched Community Action Grant Fund, already at $500. This money will be given away at the event in a Community Grant Salon for projects that benefit the communities we live in.
  5. Donating toward future art grants. This year Burnt Oranges has over $15,000 available to those submitting projects. The grant deadline is Sunday 10/15/2017.

Less than 200 tickets remain, and we expect them to go quickly. To give everyone an opportunity tickets will be limited to one per person.

As previously, make sure you have at least ONE ticket in your cart before checking out. The other donations are marked “Not a ticket” so no one is confused.

Good luck!

Semi-Annual Art Grants: How do they work?

Art is not a thing, art is a way.
Huggable Meps
Huggable Meps

My name is Meps Schulte, known to my Burner friends as Huggable. I’m a long-time Black Rock City Burner from Seattle who’s making a new home in Florida. This summer, I’ve been working with Burnt Oranges to establish a lasting process for administering art grants.

The first time I applied for an art grant, in 2016, I was confused and anxious. There were forms and spreadsheets, and when I hit “submit,” it was like sticking my hand into a scary black box. Who was going to look at my submission? What were they looking for?

Much to my surprise and delight, I received a grant for my project, Choose ART. I was able to transport the installation from Oregon to Florida, with a stop in Ohio to refurbish it. It was displayed at two Florida events, and the components, which live on a little trailer in Clearwater, are becoming a new interactive art piece.

Here’s the big thing I didn’t expect from my art grant experience: When I received that money from Burnt Oranges, I got a lot more than a check. What I got, and you can get, too, was permission to make art.

I’ve written this step-by-step guide to help you understand the art grant process, because I want you to experience that encouragement and permission. I want to see what you create!

Here’s what you’ll find in the guide:

  • A description of the process: How to apply for a grant, and what happens when you receive it
  • A list of the information you’ll need for the process, and at what point you’ll need it
  • Resources and contacts to help you succeed

The Art Grant Process: A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Come up with an idea. Get it out of your head and down on paper.

Lots of times, inspiration for the next Burn starts at the last one. Did you see something at AfterBurn that got your creative juices flowing, and you can’t stop thinking about it? (Two words: Fire tornado.) Have you made something small that could be scaled up? Do you have any napkin sketches from the last time you and your Burner friends went out for beers?

El Pulpo Mecanico
El Pulpo Mecanico

If you’ve ever seen El Pulpo Mecanico, the giant fire-breathing octopus at Burning Man, you might be surprised to know that it started with a 12-inch sculpture made out of trash found in Mexico. Duane Flatmo made the little one on vacation, then scaled it up to enormous with the help of friends.

Step 2: Figure out your team

Setting up an art project
Setting up an art project

Think about what skillsets are needed to complete your project. If you don’t have them, never fear! Our community is full of talented people, and the art grant committee will do what they can to help you find resources.

Choose ART started out with a team of four, but eventually involved about 20 people, including 2-D artists from all over the world and experts in programming, electrical engineering, woodworking, wiring, painting, trench-digging, and logistics (aka shopping).

Step 3: Figure out how you’re going to make it and write a budget

Soldering Choose ART
Soldering little fussy parts

In order for the Art Grant Committee to review your application, they need to know what the money will be used for. For this, you’ll have to figure out what materials you’ll be using and what facilities you’ll need.

You’ll need to make a list of everything you expect to use to complete the project, even the parts that won’t be funded by this grant. There are two reasons for this: One is to demonstrate that you’ve planned it out well enough to succeed. The second reason is that your Burnt Oranges grant will not cover 100% of the cost, so you’ll want to show where the rest comes from. That might be materials you already have on hand or things you’re expecting to get donated; it doesn’t have to be cash.

Take a look at the BOI Art Grant Line Item Submissions, which lists what can and can’t be paid for by an art grant. Then turn your list into a spreadsheet, showing what you plan to buy, where you plan to buy it, and how much you expect it to cost. You’ll need a dollar total for the entire project, as well as what percentage of that amount you’re asking for.

Step 4 (optional): Got questions? Contact the Art Grant Committee!

Seriously, the Committee exists to help artists and facilitate projects. So if you have any questions or concerns, reach out with an email, and someone will help you figure it out. Remember, this is not a panel of judges. It’s a group of your peers who want to help you get your art to the Burn. They respond well to emails with “Help, help!” in the subject line.

Step 5: Submit your application (Google form).

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to complete the online application:

    • Contact full name
    • Contact playa name (optional)
    • Contact email address
    • Contact phone
    • Contact mailing address
    • Name of the art team/organization (optional)
    • Name of lead artist (if different from contact person)
    • Have any members of this team attended a prior Burnt Oranges event?
    • Have any members of this team received an art grant in the past?
    • Have any members of this team created something like this before? If so, what and where?
    • Name of Project or Installation
    • Summary of Project or Installation
    • Physical Description of Project or Installation
    • What makes this art project interactive? How will participants interact with it?
    • What is the philosophy or mission of this project?
    • What are your plans for lighting and safety?
    • What are your plans for LNT?
    • Do you plan to display this piece at additional venues? If so, where?
    • What is the project status?
    • Estimated Total Budget for the Project (enter a dollar amount, not a range)
    • Amount Requested for this Grant (enter a percentage of the total, not a range)
    • What other funding sources do you have? (include amounts and description of both monetary and in-kind support)
    • Planned Budget — this is where you upload the budget spreadsheet from Step 3
    • URL or FB page for the Project (optional)
    • Primary image (upload a JPG or PDF)
    • Secondary images (up to 5 JPGs, optional)

Submit the form and then sit back and wait while the Art Grant Committee reviews it. They should get back to you in a few days, even if it’s just to let you know they’ve received your application.

Step 6: Answer questions.

The Art Grant Committee may contact you with questions about your application. They’re not trying to challenge you, they’re trying to figure out how your project fits within the parameters of their grants.

Once that all gets worked out, they’ll notify you about your grant. They’ll congratulate you, tell you how much you’ve been awarded, and they’ll direct you to the next step…

Step 7: Complete the Art Grant Agreement (Google form).

Here’s a list of what you need to complete the Art Grant Agreement:

  • Contact full name
  • Name of lead artist (if different from contact person)
  • Contact email address
  • Contact phone
  • Name of the project or installation
  • Dollar amount of the art grant
  • Your fire safety plan (if applicable)
  • Your LNT plan

By submitting the Art Grant Agreement form, you agree to use the funds according to the agreement. If your grant is for $600 or more, you’ll also have to submit an IRS W-9 to Burnt Oranges to receive your funding.

Step 8: Get the first half of the grant.

Art is not a thing, art is a way.
Back panel from Choose ART

Have you started creating yet? If not, you have the funds now, and it’s time to get started.

Step 9: Complete the mid-term progress report (Google form).

Here’s what you’ll need to complete the mid-term progress report:

  • Name of project or installation
  • Contact full name
  • Contact email address
  • Contact phone
  • What is the status of the project? (percentage completed)
  • A description of the work completed so far
  • A description of the work left to complete the project
  • Is there anything we can do to help you complete the project?

Step 10: Get the remainder of the grant.

Build, build, build!

Step 11: Bring your art to the Burn.

Nest of Secrets
Nest of Secrets, AfterBurn 2016

The process of bringing the art will involve the Placement Team, who will figure out where to put it, and the Archival Team, who will document it and interview you about it. We also encourage you to create a display for the Indaba Project, which is our community shared space. The Indaba will have a somewhat protected space where you can share pictures of the creation process and in-depth information about your project.

Sky Above Me ~ Earth Below Me ~ Fire Within Me: AfterBurn 2017 Burnable Honoraria

Euphoria 2013 Cherokee Farms, GA – Photo: Matt Brooks, Used With Permission

Sky Above Me ~ Earth Below Me ~ Fire Within Me

I attended my first burn in 2013; Euphoria on Cherokee Farms in the nestled foothills of Georgia. As it was my first burn, I did not know what to expect. I went into the experience with no expectations of the experience that I later realized had changed my life. The effigy that year stood atop a hill as beacon. People laughed. They cried. They rested. Hammocks were hung and people slept under the stars. It was burn night. I could feel the energy rising as people formed a circle around the effigy. Men dressed in red and black robes entered the perimeter to light the art on fire that I had connected with on a deep spiritual and emotional level. A DJ began playing an impromptu music set that took control of the flames and made the fire dance. It moved me to tears. It is a moment I will never forget.


Euphoria 2013 Cherokee Farms, GA – Photo: Matt Brooks, Used With Permission


The AfterBurn: Restoration Burnable Honoraria

It’s our goal to support the building of an effigy and temple if there are those willing to come forward to build them. The hearts, souls, sweat, and tears of the artists will cast an energy on a these pieces of art that will have an impact on hundreds. People will connect with your art in an infinite number of ways. Whether it be by sharing a kiss by the lit effigy or letting go of regret or sadness as the temple blazes into the night sky. You have the power to create an epic moment for someone through a vision of something beautiful and magical that you have been dreaming of. I can only imagine the feeling of envisioning and then building a piece of art then lighting it on fire and watching as the flames dance in people’s eyes. To leave no trace of your vision except in the souls of hundreds would be an amazing everlasting feeling.


AfterBurn 2016, Maddox Ranch, Lakeland, Florida – Photo: Sam Gifford, Used With Permission


Project submissions will be considered up to $5000 for materials and associated costs. To have your individual or group design considered for AfterBurn: Restoration, register your project’s intentions at the form linked below for an immediate review and follow-up call. For questions, email

Jennifer Boyer,
Burner, Volunteer, Board Member

Project funding requests for Honoraria will close 9/15/2017 unless extensions are requested.

Your effigy will burn in 85 days.

Set your life on fire. Seek those that fan your flames

Welcome to the Indaba

Welcome To The Indaba

Do you ever look at a piece of art, and wonder, “How the hell did they make that?!” Imagine a space where you can communicate, ask questions, and collaborate with the artists in our community. Imagine a space that provides an opportunity for participants to learn, grow and educate each other as they  gain new ideas & skillsets.

Heart artists; Buttercup & Fluffernutter

The goal of The Indaba is to create the cultural hub that embodies the 10 principles and beyond. A place where artists can view sketches, discuss their past or current projects that are in the works and provide prototypes of their art to exhibit. Perhaps you possess an interesting skill and want to host a workshop, or be a speaker and talk about your first playa experience; the opportunities are endless. I am excited to introduce to you a new part of infrastructure that will give participants the opportunity to be inspired by each other, with each other.

Photo by Sara Laroux, inside the man 2012


“When artists give form to revelation, their art can advance, deepen and potentially transform the consciousness of their community.” ~ Alex Grey


About The Indaba

An Indaba is a tribal conference, the word coming from the Zulu word for “business” or “matter”. The event’s executive committee would like to provide the community with a place to discuss their future and take a new shape. The free-form tent that’s been donated provides an open-walled structure that can be entered from any side. By combining the word and the tent with some needs; a bunch of stuff became a thing; a necessary and welcome feature on our event’s new landscape.

The AfterBurn Indaba is a 3,700 square foot shaded structure containing:

  • A performance and presenter stage
  • A small, amplified sound system
  • The event’s combined Info Booth & Volunteer station
  • A hosted coffee and tea house
  • Small-scale art pieces and exhibitions

The Indaba’s goal is to promote participation in the community by providing a shared infrastructure for artists to display their artistic processes, exhibit their work and to show everyone “how they got there.” Participants will also be able to host community-led talks, workshops, & events.


We invite Artists and community leaders to teach workshops and lead discussions on large-scale participatory art, sharing what they’ve learned so an entire generation of skills may be passed down.


Community Grant Salon

Burnt Oranges will be utilizing the space to host a Community Grant Salon. We invite participants to present ideas for multiple, immediate $599 micro-grant awards to take back into your communities for public art and civic action projects. Awards are based on participant votes; don’t miss your chance to help fund the community’s dreams. More information will be posted on the new web site, stay tuned.

BWB’s version of the Indaba, Black Rock City, 2016



Can you imagine it? Do you envision it? Do you want be a part of it? After many months of planning, I will tell you that this cannot happen without you. Look at this concept as if it’s our own community tree. We have the dirt, we’re planting the seeds, and the participants are the water. The water will make our tree grow and flourish into the biggest, beautiful tree you’ve yet to see.

So the real question is, do you want to share something amazing?

Are you a master at making fire poofers, or have you built a grand piece of art? Or maybe you’re an acoustic musician, spoken word poet, or a guided meditations guru, or want to lead an ecstatic dance workshop, that part is up to you.

Photo of Carey Thompson’s Portal to Center Camp. BM 2012



There are also opportunities (aside from participatory submissions) available. Do you want to help lead and coordinate this project? Do you have building experience and would like to help build the entrance portal for the Indaba?

For questions, email

For ideas, presenter submissions, and volunteering, fill out this:

Sara “Fluffernutter” LaRoux,
Burner, Indaba Lead, and Board Member

Call For Authors, Bloggers and Content Managers

Those with the stories we wish to share, we’d like to invite you to submit guest blog posts as we work toward hiring a community manager to help oversee the growth of our public content.

We’re looking for writers, editors, and community members who have something to share with the public and the community through our web site’s blog.

We’re currently looking for submissions in the following categories:

  • Artist Bios and Spotlights
  • Art Project History and Spotlights
  • Current community project spotlights
  • Past community project spotlights
  • External resources for Artists
  • Community Leadership
  • Civic Responsibility

Article requests:

  • 500-1000 words
  • Your original content (not repurposed content from another blog)
  • Include a photo or graphic if it’s yours – or we’ll find something suitable to accompany the post
  • Your contact information and web site for your quick bio link

If you’d like to submit a post for consideration, please send to All submissions will be reviewed and you’ll receive feedback if we decide not to use your content. If you’d like to get a “green light” prior to writing, send your outline and overview to us and we’ll ensure it’s not done without being published.

Please also contact If you’d like to help us with content management, editing, and additional outreach.

As this is an ongoing project, there is no expiration date.

Call For Photography

Announcing a call for photography for use in our new web site and printed materials. We’re looking for incredible imagery that will serve as the true content of our new web site. Whether it’s of large-scale art, images of burning projects, your art projects, your theme camp, or related to the artistic endeavors of the community, we’d love to see it. While we’d prefer that images were taken at the Central Florida regional events, if it’s related to art, building community, and our collective passions, send it.

Here are a few tips that should help us.

  • If your photos contain recognizable people, please have their permission, and ability to secure written permission for use before submitting.
  • Send up to 25 images in JPG format
  • Watermark the images across the image
  • For each photo please provide us with the photographer name, image creation date, location, image subject (name of art piece or persons in the photo) and if possible an image caption. If you’re a professional photographer and embed these in your file header great. If that sounded greek to you, just use the body of the email to include the information for each attached file.
  • For each image submitted, advise if it’s offered as a gift, creative commons with attribution, or copyrighted (filed copyright exists) image
  • Photos should be a minimum of 1920 pixels wide

Should we determine that we’d like to use one, or many of your images, we will contact you to determine proper licensing and use agreements. At no point will these photos be used without your express permission. At no point will these photos be sold.

As this is an ongoing project, there are no deadlines.

Until we can create a better method of submission with image upload and acknowledgement, please send your submissions to

Thank you in advance for your contributions.