Blurb of Bob Vol. 1 No. 4 – 2017

blurb of bob

Volume 1, Number 4
November 1, 2017

Hey, guys!
We’ve got 23 theme camps registered, all of them bringing super-exciting activities for your edification and enjoyment. Which ones? I knew you’d ask, so if you read all the way through this Blurb, you’ll find the list at the end.

Remember, you can always email me at if you have a story to share or a question.
How ’bout that?

  • Pre- and Post-Event are where the REAL fun happens
  • HURRY! WWWW closes on November 4 at 6 pm
  • Got an idea to help your local community? Get a grant to do it!
  • Community BBQ: Bring your plate, fork, cup, and appetite
  • Last call for RVs and other vehicular sleeping accomodations
  • Got an extra ticket? Need a ticket?
  • Drumroll, please! The registered theme camp list.

Pre- and Post-Event are where the REAL fun happens

EZ and Comrade Heathen have some super-duper volunteer opportunities to offer. Can you help with any of these?

The DPW, or Department of Public Works, is responsible for infrastructure — and because we’re in a new venue, that’s a big job! They need folks for Thursday, before the Burn, and Monday, after the Burn. The hours are 10 am to 6 pm, on-call. To sign up, email

This weekend, November 4-5, there’s a work weekend at the property — the more, the merrier! Come out to work and meet your Event Coordinators and team leads. You can work for both days or just a few hours, but bring chainsaws, weed-eaters, and implements of destruction. Wear bug spray, sunscreen, and gloves. Volunteer hours rewarded!

Also this weekend, CueTip needs help with effigy construction, starting at 8 am. Construction experience and tools are helpful, but warm bodies will also do. Volunteer hours rewarded!

HURRY! WWWW closes on November 4 at 6 pm

We’re accepting submissions to the Who-What-When-Where for a few more days — get your events and activities in there! AfterBurn: Restoration is going to be packed with nonstop fun, art, and learning, so be sure your offerings get listed. Use the Google form to submit your events.

Hug counters
Hug counters

Here are just a few of the items submitted so far:

  • Introduction to taiji and qigong
  • Who can collect the most Hugs for the Needy? Get your hug counter at The Hermitage — it might be you!
  • Take the giant puzzle challenge at “Esoteric, a year’s growth” in the Indaba
  • Get your morning coffee and snacks from Camp Java
  • At the Tainted Tater: Saturday evening dance with DJ Goodwood’s beats while noshing on hot delicious fresh cut French Fries
  • Bring your thoughts & positivity to “Inspire,” an interactive art piece in the center of our city

Got an idea to help your local community? Get a grant to do it!

Community Action Grants are intended to fund grassroots projects that help our local, Florida communities. Submit your idea now for a chance to present it at the Community Grant Salon at AfterBurn: Restoration. You can read more in the blog on the Burnt Oranges website. Here’s the link to apply — use this Google Form.

Community BBQ: Bring your plate, fork, cup, and appetite

You all know the importance of bringing your own cup to events at AfterBurn. But for this one, you’ll want a plate and a fork, too! The Board of Burnt Oranges is hosting a community-wide BBQ dinner at AfterBurn: Restoration at 8 pm on Friday, in the Indaba. There will be pork, chicken, beans, mac & cheese, slaw, and buns. Bob has noted a distinct lack of PIE on the menu, so if you want to bring some, or anything else to share, do it!

Email for his favorite pie recipes.

1970's Girl Scout Tent
The tent of Bob

Last call for RVs and other vehicular sleeping accomodations

Friday, November 3 is the deadline to submit your “Camping Vehicle Application.” If you haven’t registered it by then, you’ll have to sleep in a tent, like Bob does.

Got an extra ticket? Need a ticket?

There’s a Facebook group, “Florida Burns Invitation Exchange,” where you can post ticket requests and available tickets. Use this link to request access to the closed group:

Drumroll, please! The registered theme camp list.

And now, the list you’ve been waiting for. Here are the theme camps you’ll find at AfterBurn: Restoration.

Camp Java
Camp Java

Bohemian Grove
Burners Without Borders
Camp 1997
Camp Bitchbook
Camp Java
Camp Psychonaut
Car Camp
Darwin’s Jizz
The Djembe Jack’s Spirit Grooves
The Hermitage
The Intergalactic Bank of 808
Jupiter’s Arcade
Keeping it Classy
Nanner Hammies
Parade Brigade
Rogue Flamingo
The Tainted Tater
Those Assholes

Hey, guys! The thing’s gonna burn in 9 days now! How ’bout that?

Blurb of Bob Vol. 1 No. 3 – 2017

Hey, guys!
It’s only 15 days until the thing burns — are you counting the days? One participant in Bonita Springs is counting down in an interesting and creative way; you’ll find Jenny’s story below. We’ve also got a work weekend coming up, and the Effigy Crew needs some experienced carpenters. Plus volunteer opportunities, a reminder about RV registration, and other important stuff.

Plus, for this issue, I’m adding a super-exciting i-FAQ with the “infrequently asked questions” from my inbox.
How ’bout that?

In this issue:

  • Counting the days: Jenny’s AfterBurn Countdown
  • Got tools? Want volunteer credit? The effigy build crew can use you!
  • All hands on deck! Work weekend on the property, November 4 and 5
  • You spoke, we listened: Sanctuary is back, and needs volunteers!
  • Fluffernutter’s Indaba Update
  • Do you need vehicular sleeping accommodations?
  • i-FAQ: Infrequently-Asked Questions

Counting the days: Jenny’s AfterBurn countdown

In the beginning of October, an AfterBurner at work on a slow day made a bright paper chain with 30 links. “Each loop has a word that makes me happy on it, including the word, ‘Happy,'” says Jenny. The links represent the number of days remaining until AfterBurn, and each day before work, she tears one off and saves it.

Jenny says, “I plan on putting the broken links in the fire. Probably before it’s lit, I’ll tuck them somewhere. It would be awesome to have each link signed by a family member I meet there…that way our family is bound by earth (paper), fire (????), air (air is life), and water (marker), and will last as long as we do!

Got tools? Want volunteer credit? The effigy build crew can use you!

CueTip’s looking for help building the effigy on November 4 and 5. If you’ve got tools and carpentry skills, and especially if you can get started at the crack of 8 am, you might be the person he’s looking for. Contact him at or 813-335-5710.

All hands on deck! Work weekend on the property, November 4 and 5

Saturday and Sunday, November 4 and 5, we need lots of help cutting, chopping, and clearing brush.  Chainsaws, hand saws, weed eaters and other implements of destruction are helpful.

Work weekend gets you access to volunteer ticket sales for the next burn. You can camp overnight, but you’ll need to bring all your water and food, and definitely Leave No Trace.

This is not a theme camp set up opportunity, and you won’t be allowed to leave anything on site. Bring bug spray, sun screen, hat, long pants, boots, long sleeves, and work gloves.

This is real actual labor, but will be FUN as well. Come over to Bartow and meet your leads and Event Coordinators!

You spoke, we listened: Sanctuary is back, and needs volunteers!

You wanted Sanctuary… It’s been added… You wanted to be more mobile…So we are creating a mobile Sanctuary, with roving volunteers, who will intervene before things get to an escalated state. This allows the person in need to be assisted in the comfort of their own camp. We will have all the therapeutic gadgets, stuffies, and blankets you’re used to, in a portable tote on a cart.

But we need volunteers! Please sign up for a Sanctuary shift today.

Fluffernutter’s Indaba Update

Come to the Indaba on Friday night at 8PM for a shared community meal! Bring your cup, plate, and utensils, because The Magic Kitchen will be serving BBQ for all participants. Let’s eat, laugh and enjoy each other’s company while we discuss the future of our organization.

We still have plenty of slots available for participants to feature their art under the Indaba! Please sign up by November 3.

Fluffernutter would like to coordinate a “LIVE” painting experience. Are you a great painter? We would love to have a few artists paint a live painting for everyone to enjoy. The lovely Huggable Meps will be painting Saturday afternoon, starting at 4 pm. Please email if you are interested in sharing your talent for this.

Please submit all inquiries regarding the live painting, art submissions, and performances by 11/3/17. Thank you!

Do you need vehicular sleeping accommodations?

Just a reminder, if you are camping in a trailer, RV, tiny house on wheels, converted schoolbus, fancy-shmancy SUV, or even just sleeping in your car, we need you to submit the RV registration form. Right now, we’re collecting everyone’s information, so we can help you get the best placement for your vehicular sleeping accommodations. We’ll get back to you with a confirmation before the event.

i-FAQ: Infrequently-Asked Questions

Have pet policies loosened at all since we’re not burning at Maddox?
Sorry, no. On the “Gate Entry” page, it says “No pets or animals of any kind are allowed within the event.”
How do I change the name on my ticket?
To change the name on the ticket, call at 1-800-838-3006 and select option #1 or #2.
Will I get a confirmation of my RV registration?
Yes, we’ll be sending out a confirmation before the event.

Go make a paper chain and start tearing off those links! I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful, creative faces!

How ’bout that?