Blurb of Bob Vol. 1 No. 7 – 2017

Volume 1, Number 7
November 9, 2017

Hey, guys!

There’s a hard-working crew here on site, sweating like pigs and swearing like sailors. Just what you’d expect from the DPW! We’re going to have things ready when the gates open at 8 tomorrow morning.

Drive safely! We need you to arrive in one piece!

How ’bout that?

In this issue…

  • Official directions
  • Download the WWWW
  • Perimeter, conclave, and fire safety meetings
  • Perimeter – the most magical volunteer role
  • Real Burners Carry Trash
  • How can you stay through Monday?
  • Grant Salon
  • Tool Drive
  • Community Dinner
  • It’s never too late! Volunteering at the event
  • Out of room? Leave your firewood behind!

Official directions — be sure to turn on Albritton Road, not Sand Lake Road

From Florida Highway 60, turn South on 80 Foot road (there is a Citgo Gas Station on the South West corner of Hwy 60 and 80 Foot Road). Continue south approximately 3 miles. Turn right (West) on Albritton Road. You will then turn left on Sand Lake Road. There will be a 90 degree left bend in the road, follow around this to the gate, which will be on your right. Even if your GPS tells you otherwise, we are directing traffic this way to prevent any backups onto a two lane 50 MPH roadway.

When you come through the gate, you’ll find four lanes: RVs, Theme Camps, Open Camping, and Walk-In Camping. Pick the lane that corresponds to your intended camping spot, and we’ll get you checked in and placed as quickly as we can.

Download the WWWW

Who? What? When? Where? Download your printable version of the WWWW here. You’ll also find it in poster format in the Indaba and at the Gate.

Perimeter, conclave, and fire safety meetings

These meetings are required for anyone who is fire dancing, spinning fire, fire-breathing, serving as a fire safety, or volunteering for Effigy perimeter.

  • Effigy Perimeter Volunteers and Fire Safeties: Either Friday at 5 pm or Saturday at 2 pm
  • Conclave Participants: Either Friday at 5:30 pm or Saturday at 2:30 pm

Perimeter – the most magical volunteer role

Have you ever volunteered for Perimeter? It’s the most magical experience — instead of watching the Burn, you get to watch the amazing faces of all the Burners. Please consider volunteering for this very special job, which makes the Burn possible for all of us.

To volunteer for Perimeter, check with the folks at the Info Booth in the Indaba.

Real Burners Carry Trash

LNT stands for “Leave No Trace.” This is why there are no trashcans at AfterBurn — you are expected to take everything with you, and to pick up any Matter Out of Place (aka Moop) you find as you walk about the property. Real Burners always have a couple of pieces of trash in their pockets!

How can you stay through Monday?

In addition to cleaning up your own camp, we need additional volunteers to stay over on Monday and help us restore the property to its original, wild state. Fill out the DPW form online, and then check in with Comrade Heathen when you arrive. The folks at the Info Booth can help you find her.

Grant Salon

The Grant Salon is in the Indaba at 5 pm on Friday. Hear what folks want to do to improve their communities and vote on who gets funding! It’s super-exciting!

Tool Drive

One of the first things you’ll see when you arrive is the Big Blue BWB Container. This container is destined for the Florida Keys, where it’s badly needed to help rebuild after Hurricane Irma. Bring tools to  help us supply the container, and if you’re making one last stop at Lowe’s, please pick up a few new tools for the project.

Community Dinner

The Community Dinner will be in the Indaba on Friday evening at 8 pm. We’ve got barbecue and all the fixin’s for everyone — just be sure to bring your plate, cup, and utensils. If you’d like to bring your own special dish to share, we’d love that!

Bob’s car was too full to bring pie. Could someone please bring pie?

Volunteer, painting in the shade

It’s never too late! Volunteering at the event

As the old saying goes, many hands make light work. So volunteers are always needed at the event! Please stop by the Info booth in the Indaba and find out how you can volunteer on site. Remember, not only does your volunteerism make you an awesome individual, but you’ll be rewarded when it comes time to buy tickets for the next event — volunteers get first crack at ticket sales.

Bob wuz hereOut of room? Leave your firewood behind!

Robl says there’s a giant pile of firewood on site, so if you don’t want to bring your own, you don’t have to.

It’s getting dark out here, and I have to set up my tent. And you need to be packing, not reading this blurb. How ’bout that?