Blurb of Bob Vol. 1 No. 5 – 2017

blurb of bob

blurb of bob

Volume 1, Number 5
November 6, 2017

Hey, guys!
Bob’s down in Bartow, getting the AfterBurn site ready for you. Over the past three weeks, it’s been transformed from an overgrown field in the central Florida wilderness to the site where our community will come together and co-create an art-filled event. I’m super-excited! From the views of the sunset to the natural amphitheater, I can’t stop thinking what this place will look like with 600 people bringing their best!

How ’bout that?

An urgent message from your Event Coordination Team!

This week, we need help with final site preparations. Anyone signing up for one of the following shifts is guaranteed a volunteer ticket +1 for the next event.

  • Today thru Wednesday: Infrastructure build crew to assist with core building and land beautification. If you have skills in lawn care, brush clearing, picking up sticks, raking sand, filling in holes, and building structures, we need you. We’d also like to get an area cleared out around the natural, sand-bottomed artesian spring so community members have a place to soak tired feet.
  • Tuesday: Indaba Setup Crew. Noon to 1 PM. We’re looking for a handful of people to help raise the tent in the field for the Indaba. Bonus points if you’d like to transition into a site build crew or land crew once you’re done in the field.
  • Tuesday thru Thursday: Stake crew. Assist DPW with placement of stakes and string to mark off gate, greeters, and parking areas as well as any places where people should stay away from such as drop-offs. If you’re handy with a hammer and know how to tie knots, this is for you.
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Paint Crew. Turn leftover plywood into signage and works of art. If you like to paint, we’re looking for those who know how to hold a paintbrush, draw lines, shapes, and letters.
  • Wednesday and Thursday thru Event: Effigy Crew. Help make sure that the effigy sites are ready for the event. Help spread piles of sand with tractors, rakes and shovels. At the event, be an Effigy Guardian to ensure that noobs don’t mess them up for others. Help with LNT after the effigies burn and rake the fresh sand over the burn areas so grass will grow there and it will look better than before.
  • Thursday and Friday: Placement crew. Directing people to the appropriate camp sites for open camping, primitive camping, RV camping, or theme camping. You need to be a licensed driver, we will provide the wheels. Basically, lots of driving around, explaining, and pointing. Be friendly and ready to answer the same questions over and over. Some periods of slow hanging around, interspersed with periods of great chaos!
  • Sunday evening thru Monday afternoon: Tear-down, LNT and Resto Crew. If you’d like to ensure that this beautiful land is left better than we found it, sign up for this shift. You’ll be making sure that there aren’t any fun burner toys left behind, getting the infrastructure packed away in a way that will make the next event run more smoothly and wrapped up with glee, instead of angst. We’ll be offsite by dark on Monday 11/13, and you’ll be home before bedtime.

If you would like to join any of these crews, please send your information using this Google form:

When you fill out the form, you’ll get a confirmation email to verify your availability, and you’ll be assigned a team lead to check-in with on-site. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you may have about the process.

How ’bout that? I had no idea there was so much work involved in setting up the site! Be sure to thank your hard-working DPW Dogs and Event Coordinators when you see them. I’ll write more tomorrow, and I’ll see you all very soon! ~Bob