What’s A Builder, Artist, and Maker Meetup?

By now you’ve hopefully seen the image above of last year’s effigy taken at sunset the week prior to the event. For those who weren’t there, the sunsets the week prior were out of this world. Those who create share a special bond. We’re called burners, and each of us that participates in the co-creation of the event brings creativity, passion, and makes the event what it is.

What's A Builder, Artist, and Maker Meetup? 1

In the past few months, Stephen (ButterCup) and Kevin B have stepped up to lead an all new Art Department for AfterBurn 2018. Both exemplify the qualities of builders, artists and makers. They’re trying to gain some traction with their roles, and have started hosting meet-ups for those interested in creating.

The July 3 meet-up was hosted by last year’s effigy builder, Q-Tip at his home in Tampa. About 20 people showed up from across the state, and Josh B even came in from Georgia to share his knowledge on large-scale art. We were joined by Sean (AKA Kurt) from Parade Brigade who will be heading up theme camps for 2018, and even had people come in from Florida en Fuego to see what we were up to, (like encouraging them to apply for art transport grants for their best permanent pieces!)

Builders of effigies large and small filled out the ranks, and new artists James and Brittany from St. Pete joined up to share their ideas for an effigy built of a steel skeleton wrapped in paraffin-dipped muslin fabric that community members can add their messages to. If there’s something exciting about the idea of a meet-up it’s building community by adding new people, ideas, and art into the mix.

While there was no actual agenda other than to get people in front of one another and sharing, the real benefit of meeting in person is giving each participant a voice, platform to share their ideas and give others the chance to offer help, guidance, and assistance to build larger and larger projects in the future.

We hope that you’ll join us this Saturday in Tampa for the  next Builder, Artist, and Maker Meetup.

What's A Builder, Artist, and Maker Meetup? 2

For more info, to get the address and RSVP shoot an email with your name and phone number over to [email protected] We’ll be doing a mini-effigy burn of a star ButterCup created for the memorial of my father’s passing last month, as well as burning the rest of the “Man” that Tommy built for Larry Harvey day. Bring your cup. Bring a snack to share. Bring your chair. Bring your past art, current art project, or future ideas and connect with others.

What's A Builder, Artist, and Maker Meetup? 3
Darren practicing safety third at Larry Harvey day on the Solstice in June


What's A Builder, Artist, and Maker Meetup? 4
A memorial ButterCup built for my father John Slayter, 1934-2018.

If you don’t think you’re a builder, artist, or maker, please come anyway and I’ll issue you one of Meps’ artistic licenses, making you official.

What's A Builder, Artist, and Maker Meetup? 5
Meps’ famous artistic licenses. Get one at the next Builder, Artist, and Maker Meet-up

We’ll be screen printing, so bring a piece of clothing and I’ll even print “official artist” on it (Licensed from Josh B, All Rights Reserved)

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