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Burnt Oranges, Inc is a Florida-based nonprofit that encourages interactive art through events including Preheat & Afterburn


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Learn about Burnt Oranges and our ongoing work in the Florida Burning Man Community

2018 City Name and Event Theme

The look, feel and overall ambiance of an event is a chance for participants to come together in ...
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Afterburn 2018 Leadership Roles & Responsibilities

These are basic descriptions for each of our volunteer teams. When applicable, we've modeled our teams based on ...
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Afterburn 2018 Announcement

AfterBurn 2018 - What's Your Vision? In 46 days the original "Shelter from the Tempest" will be set ablaze ...
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What’s A Builder, Artist, and Maker Meetup?

By now you've hopefully seen the image above of last year's effigy taken at sunset the week prior ...
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Afterburn 2018 Pre-Announcement: Communications

Before we can release the roadmap to Afterburn 2018, the Board of Directors would like to clearly define ...
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Burnt Oranges 2018 Roadmap

Before we look to the future, the Burnt Oranges board would like to thank all of the dedicated ...
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