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Burnt Oranges, Inc is a Florida-based nonprofit that encourages interactive art through events including Preheat & Afterburn


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Burnt Oranges

Learn about Burnt Oranges and our ongoing work in the Florida Burning Man Community

Blurb of Bob volume 2 number 2

Blurb of Bob Vol. 2 No. 2 – 2018

Volume 2, Number 2 October 26, 2018 In this issue: Staying Healthy And Hydrated Are Sexy Warm Hearts ...
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Blurb of Bob Vol 2. No. 1 – 2018

  === Hey, Guys! I'm baaaack! This is your friendly AfterBurn spokesperson, Bob. I was recently called out ...
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You Are The Community

Photo from Burning Man, Rites of Passage, 2011, my “Virgin” Burn. I love a community who have always ...
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AfterBurn: Tabula Rasa Temple & Effigy Crowdfunding Campaign

Burnt Oranges is devoted to cultivating interactive art through artist funding and advocacy, by creating supportive venues for ...
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Currently Registered Art Projects and Art Honoraria

Burnt Oranges provided a $5000 donation to the event in order to allow artists the opportunity to receive ...
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Theme Camp Registration

Although theme camp registrations have been open for some time, it seems that the official announcement wasn't published. ...
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